What People Say...

"Magical beyond words! . . . will open your heart!"
Linda P.

"Most wonderful and powerful love experience in my life!" Momoko Y.

"The greatest gift I've ever given to myself or received . . . a ‘whole' life experience." Joan B.

“Wow! Wow! Wow! There really aren’t enough words to describe what a wonderful job you guys are doing. I believe that you are changing the world one pod at a time. The love and joy that you put into our pod is extraordinary. I feel so grateful that you two do what you do and that I had the great opportunity to participate in your seminar.” Mayda S.

“Life changing! You are both caring and generous - an absolute joy to be around. I got so much from the seminar and would love to do another.” Dorisanne S.

“Trish and Doug...you were the most thoughtful facilitators. My expectations for this week long seminar were fantastically exceeded. You both go so far “above and beyond” in your efforts to provide an UNPARALLELED EXPERIENCE. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Thomas M.

"The seminar was much, much more than I imagined. This time with Trish and Doug opened my heart more than I thought possible. I have never felt so much love from Spirit. The meals were absolutely delicious! Everything about the whole seminar...the extraordinary meditations, the guided journeys, the committment ceremony, those fabulous dinners with a new loving family...the whole experience, in addition to being so close to the dolphins was so wonderful, so perfect, brought so many unexpected gifts. I can't possibly thank you adequately for all your kindnesses...there is no way to put a number value on expanding the heart, experiencing love, and receiving magic."... Sara S. Ph.D.

“What a glorious week! This has been life changing for me. I leave with a heart of joy and much gratitude for all your love, care, support and encouragement. This is a complete celebration of life.” Karen H.

“This was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life. I feel I am alive again, more evolved. My spiritual experience was so healing. My soul readings were so inspirational, enlightening - I know I experienced my soul. I’m in the moment in a bubble of loving peace.” Joyce. H.

“This experience was more than my wildest dreams could imagine. I felt so enveloped in love and joy and I felt my stress of the last two years melt away. You are the most loving people and go beyond any expectations I have by tending to our needs. Words can’t express how grateful I am to you for the work you do! Thanks for all the love.” Janet M.

“A shower of gratitude to you. You are very loving and caring and full of joy. Very warm and open, being that for every one of us. Angels, dolphins, whales - just glorious. My concern that I might be exposed to yet another teaching, set of beliefs, etc. was naught, and I am very happy about that. I also enjoy experiences and rituals so much more than words and doctrines. I appreciated very much that you did not have a fixed agenda about teaching, lecturing, theoretical stuff. You are going with what is coming up, with what the group energy asks for, needs at that moment. Very intuitive and that is the way to do it!” Alessandra W.

“This workshop was the most profound of the many, many workshop/seminar experiences I’ve participated in. The exquisite and graceful balance of masculine and feminine you hold and express creates a container for the essential qualities to flow into love, joy, compassion, intelligence, faith, truth, understanding, strength, power, precision and more. I’m deeply moved and found a connection with myself and Spirit through the many dimensions that are new for me to hold in the third. Thank you for lighting the way to a new and deeper holding and understanding of relationship and family. The gentle yet powerful permission you offer in who you are creates a feeling of spacious capacity and tangible possibility. You have been able this week to help me understand that what my mind thought was impossible and out of reach is here and now and not only possible but is. You are each an amazing and beautiful gift to us all.” Patricia C.

“The workshop was absolutely transformational for me. It assisted me in integrating various aspects of myself, as though placing the center piece in a puzzle that connects all the rest. Bless you for facilitating this experience.” Helen R.

“Swept away! Much more than I expected. Never thought I could absorb so many hugs. Appreciated your very caring attitudes. The use of sound was powerful.” Diane D.

“The seminar was much more wonderful than I had expected!! Thank you for your hospitality. I felt the warmth all the time. Please continue this seminar and make people feel happy!! Than you so much!!!” Miko O.

“Once again, another enchanting experience. What better place and with such wonderful people to continue the ‘awakening’ process. Mahalo for assisting us all in such a loving way. You truly embody the ‘love’ ray.” Deanna M.

“Had the most amazing week. Your attention to detail always creates an experience that is unforgettable.” Calvin M.

"A profound, enriching (and FUN) experience. I am thankful to Doug and Trish for taking care of everything (and everyone) with such love, light, and wisdom!" Dan S.

"A life changing experience! I have really become a new person! Your work is so very important." Cathy H.

"We came to paradise and were filled with Aloha from Doug and Trish, who delight in making dreams come true. Swimming with the Dolphins is a rare and ecstatic experience that nothing can compare to. You will never want this trip to end!" Diana D. and Dean D.

"I have been nurtured by your Loving natures. You have expanded my heart. Thank you for welcoming me and supporting my growth in this life. You have contributed immeasurably to my life." Mark L.

"It opened new doors within myself to expand my connection with the universe and my own spirit. I Love you both." Mary Lou B.

“You two offer such an excellent example of the joy of life and the beauty of a well-matched, balanced, male-female relationship. Your program is wonderful.” Judy M.

“What a week it has been! It enabled me to sail into uncharted waters that hitherto were guarded by fear. Thank you both for making YOUR path showing us how the future can be.”
Jennifer E.

“Now I know what “go with the flow” really means!” This, you know, could lead to some serious FUN! Thank you with all my heart for guiding me to let go of my fear and resistance and enter into the end of the struggle.” Marni F.

“You are both grounded, intelligent teachers in the deepest meaning of that word. Thank you for a beautiful, intense, splendid and unforgettable week - and for a gift of a lifetime” Janet B.

“The work you do is a vision of service. Deep lessons here for me. My eternal gratitude”. Claudette A.

“I am deeply touched by the work you are doing. It is a pleasure to witness two such wonderful people walking the walk. You are gifts to us. I am forever changed having been in the light of your love and generosity this week” Blair W.

“Thank you so much for a beautiful, life altering experience.” – Diane H.

“I have seen and felt more grace, beauty, joy and love this week than in my whole lifetime. Beyond words. I will never be the same.” – Elizabeth E.

“I feel incredibly blessed to have had your guidance and assistance in my striving to manifest a completely fulfilled life. Another shift in my consciousness has taken place in your presence!” – Colleen B.

“I can’t thank you enough for your generosity , love, patience and kindness. You have made possible a journey that has opened the door to my heart’s joy.”– Clare H.

"I had an absolutely deep, meaningful, restful, fun, moving, inspired time with everyone and everything. The combination of the swims with the sharing and meditations is amazing! The cares and concerns of city dwelling washed off me like the water rolls off the dolphins when they swim! It is perfect!" Tracy B.

"Excellent facilities, service and beautiful grounds. The balance of activities, meditations, pod formation and interaction was perfect....a perfect blend of heart-opening activities." Nancy C.

"Will support your every need, so that you can explore any spiritual desire. Incredible . . . invaluable!" Tim R.

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